Rural Museum

This historical clay house has five large rooms* and Yurt **with breath taking views of the Golestan 

National Park, resembling in style with their various warm color and types of antique furniture, favoring pastel tint on the wall and red geometrically patterned wool felt carpets. 

**Yurt assembles only summer time( ask for details-only for groups) 

A large hall at the center is surrounded by multiple rooms that were built over twenty years, gradually expanding the house. The same tradition as the nomad was living in tent. 

Each room has been a complete house for a family and it has an individual character. We called the rooms by the original name and the history of the house.

Comfortable rooms with native mattress, clean blankets, sheets and pillow. Heater & Ceiling fan, two nice separate toilet bathrooms, one traditional, the other western, both with hot showers.



1. kitchen-Gharre Jaay

2. Mekhman Jaay (4 person)

3. Begin Jaay (6 person)

4. Akhmed Jaay (4 person)

5. Mokhamad nour  Jaay

6. Beig Uy (6 person)

7. Lobby- Arehod

8. Balcony-Eivan

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