Local Products

 Support Local Products and Organic Food

We are helping local people around Golestan National Park to resume producing their forgotten handcrafts.The ecolodge support them with design ideas and new techniques for better quality and more original art work to diversify their products accordance with customers needs.
Our Natural and organic fruit are growing in a land which we kept it untouched for long time. Organic vegetable is producing in a farm land which for more than 8 years didn't add any pesticide and fertilizer to the soil.
  • Organic Vegetables & Dried Herbs
  • Natural  Honey
  • Fresh Wild fruit Jams
  • Organic Grains( Barley,Wheat,Mung beans..) 
  • Organic Fruit vinegar and Syrup
 Locals produce Native Handcraft
  • Hand Loomed Colourful Fabric
  • Felt Needlepoint
  • Paternal Wool Felt
  • Wood Spoon
Our Native Art Products are
  • Needlepoint Cotton Bag
  • Needlepoint Necklace
  • Needlepoint Bracelet
  • Silk Needlepoint Earring
  • Eagdelemeh Necklace
In Turkmen Ecolodge Locals are employed and local products, goods and handcrafts are used wherever feasible to ensure economic benefits are filtered down to local community. 
It would support developments in sustainable lifestyle patterns within these communities to use extractive resources instead of using from the main source (forest) and help them to understand why the national park is important in their life and need to be protected, thus reducing their negative impact on the precious natural resources and wildlife. Promoting this products support the local community economy and the national park conservation. 

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