The Ecolodge is a place for nature lovers, responsible tourists and a base for scientific provides tourists with opportunities to be in close contact with nature.
It was started in 2009 with an aim of supporting The Golestan National Park programs and helping local communities around this National Park which is a biosphere reserve too.
Boomkolbeh Ecolodge has a first-of- its-kind cooperative agreement with a National Park authority in Iran.
We offer educational and participatory experience through
• Wildlife tour 
• Trekking
• Eco-safari
• Hiking
• Rural museum
• Kids Ecocamp
The Ecolodge is Supporting Golestan National park via 
• Environmental education for local people about the Park
• Help local community to prosper sustainably while mitigating the impacts on G.N.P.
• Capacity development for ecotourism society through educational material and excursion to G.N.P
• Observe code of conduct to avoid impacts on natural areas

Participating with local people adjacent to Golestan National Park
• Empower ex-­poachers to be animal tracker,with promoting wildlife tour as a new trend in Iran
• Facilitate local people to produce handcrafts
• Raise awareness of local people about the impacts of tourism

Promoting responsible tourism as a new trend in Iran
• Observe code of conducts avoiding impacts on the resident and the park
We recycle, compost and working with residents to reuse  plastic and glass bottles.
The garden is providing vegtable  and fruits  without using fertilizer and pesticides.
More than50 local people participating with the ecolodge in different field such as services,hand crafts, cooks, Local guides and animal tracker
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