Plan your visit

Tehran (Mehrabad airport) to Gorgan airport: one hour flight
Gorgan airport to the Ecolodge: 3 hours drive with private taxi

Tehran (Bayhaghi terminal)VIP bus to Gonbad terminal: 8 hours drive
Gonbad to the Ecolodge: 1.5 hours drive with private taxi, van for more than 4 people

Travel information (Schematic)

When to travel: 
Spring, April to End June
 Mid August to End October

Coordinate: 37.4823N 55.7265E

Turkmen culture

  1. Do not take picture of local people.
  2. Shaking hand with local women is not custom.
  3. Tipping the musician is custom.
  4. For walking outside of the ecolodge you need a local guide.
  5. By buying local products we are trying to help these communities prosper sustainably while mitigating their impacts on Golestan National park.

Golestan National Park

  1. It is illegal to deface, damage or remove any plants, animals, rocks and minerals.
  2. Campfires are restricted to designated campground and picnic areas. Fire must be extinguished before leaving an area.
  3. Feeding wildlife is strictly prohibited. Do not tease, crowd or frighten them.

What to wear

When preparing for any outdoor activity, program or guided tour in Golestan National Park, dress in layers, wear comfortable trekking or hiking shoes, always carry a jacket or sweatshirt and bring rain gear.

What to bring

  1. A good pair of Trekking or hiking shoes
  2. Bring warm gear including a hat, jacket for evening, rain gear
  3. ID card, personal medicine & any allergy medication, sunglasses, head lamp, sun protection, travel towel
  4. Bring your camera, binoculars and other personal gear
  5. Sleeping in open sky (sleeping bag and sleeping pad require)
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