The Lodge

The Ecolodge is a guesthouse located at the edge of a village within easy walking distance of the north-western section of Golestan National Park. One of the village’s traditional pisé houses has been converted to provide accommodation and other facilities for up to 20 guests. Four bedrooms suitable for four to six people and a traditional kitchen surround a large central living room used for meals, conversation and relaxation. Antique furniture and examples of native arts and crafts have been used throughout the Lodge to help create an authentic ambiance.

Surrounding the Lodge is a garden of native plants, including herbs and wild fruit trees. These not only act as a source of ingredients for the Lodge’s kitchen but also attract a range of native birds and small mammals.

Another way in which we try to ensure that our guests can benefit from a genuine rural experience is through the meals we serve. High quality ingredients, wherever possible organic and locally produced, are prepared and cooked according to traditional recipes and methods. Examples of local products include honey, yoghurt, fruits and berries, vegetables, herbs and meats. Daily baking in the Lodge’s oven ensures a ready supply of high quality fresh bread. We happily cater for guests with special dietary requirements.


Facilities and services we provide include:

·         Two separate toilet bathrooms, one traditional, the other western, both with hot showers

·         Traditional floor mattresses, blankets, clean sheets and pillows

·         Heaters and ceiling fans

·         The opportunity to spend the night in a yurt (ask for details - only for groups)

·         A range of low-impact excursions and activities in Golestan National Park including

hiking, 4WD wildlife explorer, trekking, horse riding and photography tours

·         Exploration of Turkmen culture and heritage

·         The organization of transfers to the Lodge from suitable locations inside Iran

·         English and Farsi are spoken both at the Lodge and in the field

·         Native art gallery and botanic collection

·         A warm welcome on arrival with local beverages, traditional and herbal teas

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